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There are many brands of cigars, cigarettes and tobacco products on the market today, at a variety of prices. We carry wide selections tobacco products including cigarettes, little cigars & cigarillos, premium cigars, pipe tobacco & pipes, rolling tobacco and their accessories. We maintain a walk-in cigar humidor such as humidifiers, cigar humidors, sampler cases, and cigar cases.


We offer wide selections of premium, generic and low-priced cigarettes from major manufacturers (Philip Morris USA, RJ Reynolds, Lorillard, Liggett, America Spirits and others) at a competitive price. Some imported cigarettes from DunHill, Nat Sherman, Export A, Davidoff and others are also available. Our cigarette products are available in cartons as well as single pack .


Our selections of premium cigars include most popular brands smoked by cigar enthusiasts. Our selections of dry cured cigars include little cigar packs, cigarillos, cigar packs & clove cigars in variety of flavors and sizes. In addition, cigar accessories including stylish humidors (which keep cigars fresh and act as convenient and decorative storage cases), cigar cutters, and cigar lighters are also available.

Roll Your Own (RYO) Tobacco

We provide a wide selections of RYO blended and non-blended tobacco for making your own cigarettes. We carry RYO blended tobaccos from Criss Cross, Good Stuff, Golden Valley, OHM, Good Days, Gambler’s tube-cut and Golden Harvest. Many of these brands are available in several blends: bold (robust), natural, mild (smooth) and mint. In addition cigarette tobacco pouches in various strength and sizes such as American spirits, Bugler, Drum, Kite, Top super roll, zig zag and others are also available.

Pipe Tobacco & Accessories

Our selections of tobacco smoking pipes include wooden pipes (from Dr Grabow, Lucern & others), corn pipes, cherry pipes, and various metal & glass pipes. Pipe tobaccos pouches of various blends and flavors are available from Smokers Best, Captain Black, Price Albert, Borkhum Riff & others.


Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery-powered electronic devices, designed to resemble a normal cigarette or tank-type devices, but to provide desired level of tobacco-free “pure” nicotine-mist as per the need of the user. In e-cigarettes, nicotine is delivered through replaceable cartridges or liquid nicotine that are available in various concentrations. In normal cigarettes the amount of nicotine per cigarette is currently not provided. Most manufacturers suggest that one nicotine cartridge is equivalent to 15 to 20 actual cigarettes.

For information about e-cigarettes & devices, please read our blog post E-cigarettes – Liquid vs Cartridges.

Note: Because of changing regulations & other business issues, we are limiting product availability in e-cigarette category.

Cigarette cases, & Lighters

We maintain a wide selection of cigarette & make your own cigarette accessories. Our cigarette accessories include cigarette holders, ashtrays, snuffers, lighters, cigarette cases/holders. We also maintain a wide selection of RYO accessories such cigarette making machine, cigarette injectors, cigarette papers, cigarette tubes, rolling papers & filters from different manufacturers. Smoke odor exterminating incense and sprays are also available.

Our selection of hookahs (also called water pipe that uses water filtration to produce a dense smoke) are available in various size (large, medium & small) with 1 to 4 hoses in artistically crafted & beautiful designs. Hookah tobacco (also called shisha tobacco) which is a composite mixture, molasses (honey) and fruity flavorings are available from star buzz, Nakhla & Pharoah.

Other Non-Tobacco Products

Our non-tobacco products include beverages drinks (Coke & Pepsi products, energy drinks, vitamin water and other beverage products), smoke odor exterminating incense and sprays. In future we plan to introduce imported gift & jewelries, shoulder bags etc. as well.