Exclusive – Birth Month Offers

Birthdays have been special occasions in our lives and are celebrated in various ways. Even in our most busy live style, we always find time to recognize and appreciate birthdays of our loved ones and friends. The birth-days are fabrics of cultural heritage. We would like to join and continue that tradition by recognizing birthdays & special occasions of our loyal customers.
We would be soon starting a special ‘Birth-Month Offer’ program to our valued customers.

In this program, randomly selected customers would get special discounts, deals on product purchase or coupons to save on our products. Customers are selected at the end of each month and informed by e-mail. In addition to birthdays, we are also exploring programs that may include our most loyal customers’ wedding, anniversaries, Father’s day, Mother’s day, family reunion, holidays or other special events, too.

Very soon, we would be collecting names of interested customers to participate in this program. Stay tuned & become a registered customer!