If You Can’t Quit- Follow Plan B

Inherently, we humans are risk-takers. Our risk-taking ability makes us different from other living species. As human, we learn new-things, explore new environments.
We all practice some risky and addictive habits, like cell phones, Facebook, gambling, sports, smoking, eating, etc. We minimize or better manage our risks when our decisions are based on well informed, otherwise we all have to face.

E-Cig: Liquids vs Cartridges

E-cigarettes are gaining popularity because of their convenience. People are able to use them anywhere including non-smoking environments, and they don’t emit any unpleasant odors. These qualities make it a very appealing option to most smokers. E-cigarettes have an added convenience in the long cold weather months of Minnesota: smokers don’t have to stand outside in cold.

There are two types of electronic cigarettes consumers are encountered with when they first start using the product. You can purchase starter kits that use non-refillable cartridges, or you can choose to use a tank style model that you refill using a nicotine liquid blend (e-liquid). Here are these two options in more detail.

HeatSticks – a New Type of E-Cig

HeatStick is a product developed by Philip Morris, the makers of Marlboro brand products. HeatSticks are short, cigarette-like sticks. The sticks are heated to a maximum of 660º F (350º C) in a hollow pen-like device called iQOS (pronounced EYE-cohs) to create a tobacco-flavored nicotine vapor. There is no need for liquid nicotine; HeatSticks contain real tobacco.